The 7 Days of Breakfast: Day 3

This morning when I looked outside and saw how beautiful it was (today calls for a high of 12°C — which is amazing, when a couple weeks ago it was snowy and freezing), I wanted something colourful, light, and refreshing for breakfast. And what could be more perfect than a smoothie?

A smoothie can be a great breakfast in itself, or you can have it alongside a more substantial meal. Smoothies are quick to make, and with all of the different travel cups, it’s very easy to drink your smoothie on the go. It’s also A LOT cheaper to make your own, instead of paying $5+ for a smoothie, and you can play around with the ingredients to make it perfect for you.

So pull out your blender and some frozen fruit, and let’s get smoothie-ing!

Blueberries, Raspberries, and Frozen Yogurt Cubes
Blueberries, Raspberries, and Frozen Yogurt Cubes

Ingredients: (This recipe fits into a 12 ounce cup once blended)

1 Cup Frozen Fruit (literally ANYTHING. I used frozen blueberries and raspberries for the smoothies I made)

1/2 a Banana (or a whole banana if it’s small)

2 Frozen Yogurt Cubes (Super easy to make! Just plop some yogurt (any flavour you want) into an ice cube tray and stick them in the freezer overnight, then they’ll be frozen in the morning!)

1 Cup Liquid (I usually use milk, but coconut water tastes really good, and any sort of juice would give your smoothie an extra flavour.)

And of course you need a blender. My family got a Magic Bullet a few years ago and nobody ever used it until I started making smoothies. I’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth 😉


Put all of the ingredients into the blender/Magic Bullet and blend away! You’ll be able to tell when there are no more chunks: the smoothie will sound and look smooth. Pour it into a glass or to go cup and you’re on your way!

I sometimes add in Chia seeds after I’ve blended my smoothie. You just have to let them sit for a few minutes so that they puff up a bit and aren’t rock hard. They make the smoothie a little more interesting and they’re crazy healthy. Protein powder would also be a good addition if your smoothie is an after-workout snack.

The finished product!!!
The finished product!!!

Have fun creating and drinking your smoothie! xoxo


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